Make demand generation your competitive advantage

We help B2B companies grow revenue, shorten sales cycles, and lower customer acquisition costs.

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Revenue Engine Optimization

A new demand generation framework

1. Build a Foundation

Set up data & reporting to measure true revenue impact and support agile strategy iteration.

2. Capture Existing Demand

Optimize your intent channels to attract & convert qualified prospects that are actively buying.

3. Create New Demand

Rapidly (and effectively) distribute educational content to inform buyers and generate awareness.

4. Win on Brand

Build brand affinity with thought leadership content on organic channels that gradually lowers customer acquisition cost.

Powerful results across your revenue cycle

With revenue engine optimization, you'll see benefits across the entire revenue cycle.

  • Higher Win Rates
  • Accelerated Pipeline Velocity
  • Predictable Sales Forecasts
  • Shortened Sales Cycles
  • Lowered Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Pipeline Stability

An innovative playbook that's continuously refined

We actively push boundaries and iterate on our strategies to deliver what works best today.

Live Beta

  • Account-Based Marketing

    Close specific accounts through highly targeted campaigns

    Actively Testing
  • LinkedIn Conversation Ads

    Start conversations through interactive ads

    Actively Testing
  • Thought Leadership Content

    Create short-form videos that showcase client expertise and perspective

    Actively Testing


  • Microevents
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube organic

We’re a part of your team

We'll help you turn Demand Generation into your core competency and your company’s competitive advantage.


Team Communication

Dedicated Slack channel and weekly strategy calls


Campaign Planning

Content and creative guidance to execute our playbook effectively


Disciplined Execution

Shared Asana board for real-time project management and visibility


Performance Reporting

Monthly progress reports with metrics, learnings, and future plans

“We now make better decisions about where to focus to accelerate growth. Acting as an extension of our revenue team, Refine Labs has provided the specialized expertise we needed to pivot to this data-driven approach.”

MJ Peters
Vice President of Marketing

"Best month for us in the history of the company by FAR thanks to you. It's 6:45pm on a Friday and we just closed another monster inbound deal on a 20 day sales cycle. All day every day!"

Justin Wheeler
CEO of Funraise

Let's grow together

Ready to see how Revenue Engine Optimization can accelerate growth for you? You’ll work directly with our founders to learn how our formula can help you:

  • Accelerate Pipeline Velocity
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Reduce Sales Cycle Lengths
  • Dramatically Improve Marketing ROI