Project Description

Firetrace engages customers with content to increase inbound revenue

The global manufacturer of fire suppression systems leverages Refine Labs' expertise to demonstrate revenue growth within the first six months of their engagement.

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Fire suppression specialists

Firetrace engineers and manufacturers systems that automatically detect and suppress fires for demanding industrial businesses. The company delivers its systems via global distribution partners and has maintained a long-standing reputation of keeping companies' critical assets safe.


Delivering growth through inbound leads

In the past, Firetrace’s marketing communications department focused on traditional marketing strategies. When MJ Peters, Vice President of Marketing at Firetrace, joined the company in 2017, the Firetrace team began ramping up their marketing efforts with both a website refresh and tech stack implementation that would allow for future, iterative improvements and progressive marketing tactics.

With deep understanding understanding of how Firetrace’s products were being experienced in the market and not just by their distribution partners, MJ realized there was a massive opportunity to connect with end-users to ultimately drive inbound leads. Firetrace began publishing monthly blog posts, but they didn’t connect or provide the level of customer info/behavior the team wanted to inform campaign performance and resulting decision making. As a result, the team found themselves spending countless hours creating content that didn’t drive results.

"We wanted to look at ways to drive growth and create more inbound opportunities for our sales team … We were interested in using social media to compliment some of those traditional methods that we had used in the past. None of us had hands-on experience doing that, so we thought the next step might be to tap into an expert partner.” – MJ Peters, Vice President of Marketing, Firetrace


Devising a repeatable content strategy

Firetrace partnered with Refine Labs to accelerate growth and began their relationship in the “foundation” stage that would help yield both short- and long-term results. Establishing this baseline included marketing ROI tracking, sales processes analysis, website optimization, and lead attribution.

"We were definitely making a couple of mistakes in terms of how our CRM was setup to track our sales process … We discovered that we lose 100% of deals that our distribution partners don’t quote within 10 days, so the implications for revenue are huge,” said MJ.

During the the “growth” phase, Refine Labs provided a customized content strategy guide to help identify a repeatable process that would drive inbound leads and revenue growth. Refine Labs ran Facebook Ads on Firetrace’s content through closely monitored process of experimentation. By finetuning audience, content topics and formats, and ad creative and copy, Refine Labs was able to quickly home in on a combination that drove measurable results.

01 Foundation

  • Website Conversion Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Tech Stack Build
  • KPI Tracking & Reporting

02 Growth

  • Google AdWords Paid Search
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Lead/Demand Generation
  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising
  • Marketing Automation

03 Scale

  • Currently progress

Increasing revenue and pipeline

Within the first six months of partnering with Refine Labs, Firetrace has generated $575k in inbound revenue and $1.4MM in new pipeline. With clear ROI tracking, this measurable impact has had major implications for Firetrace’s internal marketing team, which through corporate buy-in has been able to reallocate company resources to invest in new talent.

"We understood what was working within about 2-3 months … We can produce as much as $250,000 in pipeline by executing this strategy consistently in any given month. … We also know that that pipeline is converting at a rate of about 30%,” said MJ.

While Firetrace’s relationship with Refine Labs is still in its early stages, the “scale” phase of Refine Lab’s Revenue Engine Optimization Formula is an ongoing process. Firetrace continues to work alongside Refine Labs to execute their proven content marketing strategy at scale by applying it to other channels and mediums.

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